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EMH Top Dun Chex | Tobiano Grullo Paint Horse | Photoshop

This digital painting is one of a horse which ticks all my boxes when it comes to both art, and my other hobbies: Horses and genetics.
Top Dun Chex (Mo for short) is a halter bred painthorse with a remarkable mutation in the tobiano-gene, this gene causes white area's on the coat, but in his bloodline also the remarkable spots you see in this drawing. The chance of such a mutation happening is close to zero and therefor it makes him a very popular breeding stallion.

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EMH Top Dun Chex is a remarkable painthorse and a taugh cookie to crack in art.

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EMH Top Dun Chex

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EMH Top Dun Chex American Painthorse Stallion | Grullo Tobiano | Photoshop digital painting |