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I like extremes, not exactly in colors or shapes or anything, but if i work on a mostly gray painting (like EMH Top Dun before this one) i tend to want to play with colors. Also, when i did a landscape i like drawing an animal after and vice versa. Variation in my work really keeps me going!
I could have drawn a butterfly or something, but i been following someone for a while who has a bird like this so i ended up drawing one, just for fun.

Tessa geniets agapornis full

The final result of a colorful lovebird.

Fischers Lovebird (Agapornis) | Photoshop digital art | Timelapse painting (skip to 2s)

Tessa geniets aga 1

First step, blocking in the basic shapes of the bird and getting a feel for the composition.

Tessa geniets aga 2

Placing the local colors

Tessa geniets aga 3

Starting to add some details after reworking some of the color placements and adding some detail in the lineart.